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Luxury Cars: New vs Pre-owned
If you see around you, in the last 10 years or so, the number of cars from luxury brands has grown multi-folds and now with Indians having deeper pockets than ever, this growth won't stop anytime soon and the chances are that you might be in the market for one in the next 5-10 years or so. However, the depreciation on these is still quite huge compared to lesser cars. This will bring an obvious advantage to a second hand buyer is everyone's first thought. But when you are putting big bucks for your dream brand, you would want to make a careful choice. This article is exactly for you then!

Advantage Pre-Owned :
  • Lower initial cost- This one is an obvious. A used car will always depreciate a lot. This also means that the BMW you have your eyes set-on, can be in your garage now, instead of a lot more saving and patience (which honestly, a lot of us enthusiasts cannot handle!).
  • Mint condition cars for way less money :  Many luxury car owners tend to be a little finicky and always want the latest and the greatest that they can afford. This translates to many mint conditioned cars whose models are going to be/have been facelifted recently to come up for sale. If you do not mind the older tech, these cars have mouthwatering deals in the used market! Imagine a 2-month old car with an ex-showroom price of 50 lakhs with less than 5000km on the clock going for a 7-8 lakh rupee discount!
  • Special/Limited Edition cars : Sometimes, manufacturers launch special/limited edition cars which seem very attractive but by the time you save up enough money for the down payment on them, the stocks are finished! Fear not though, the used market has you covered. Case in point, the Skoda Octavia RS which was quite hot but Skoda had limited stocks only and many people who wanted one couldn't get them as all were already grabbed up by others. In this case, there's a high chance one example will be up for sale soon on the used market (refer to the last point).
  • Cars from a higher segment at the price of a segment lower : Going the pre-owned way means that you can get a sparsely used car from one segment higher than you intended for the same price! This car will often be bigger, more luxurious/sporty and better equipped too! Imagine getting the legendary Porsche 911 for the same money as a 718!

Advantage Brand New :
  • Customisation : When you buy a new luxury car, many brands offer factory customisations to make the car tailor-made to your tastes which is not possible in the used market where you have to compromise on some things here and there and accept the spec made for the first owner. A prime example of this is Volvo, where you can spec the colour of the interiors independent of the exterior colour. In this case, the car has a higher waiting period due to the custom process but in the end, you do get exactly what you want.
  • Trusted dealer network : When buying new, there is also the assurance of getting it from manufacturer authorised dealerships rather than the used dealerships where malpractices like odometer tampering and part-swapping are common. That's not to say that sometimes OEM Dealers haven't been caught doing these but the chances are generally far lesser. Then also, there are reputed used luxury car dealers like Big Boy Toyz too but they aren't monitored by the brands themselves. This translates to more peace-of-mind when making such a huge purchase.
  • Sentimental reasons : When getting a new luxury car, many people are attached to it due to the large amounts of money they need to shell out as well as their childhood dream of getting one and therefore, prefer the car to be untouched by anyone and want to be the first one to lay their hands on the steering. In this case, they won't even consider a used car for sentimental reasons. 
  • Uncertainty of the car's past : Let's face it, not many people baby their cars like us enthusiasts do. Infact, there is a good chance that the previous owner might have abused it and not adhered to the break-in period, not followed the service schedule, not used genuine parts etc. Some of these practices can seriously harm the car and make the ownership experience sour for you.

So that's all folks! Buying a used car isn't as hard as it is usually made out to be. So follow you heart (and head too obviously) and get your luxury car! 

Happy Motoring! Smile

Picture Courtesy : Respective owners and Google
  • BMW 3 Series : Karan Karayi and Assad Dadan
  • Porsche 911 : Big Boy Toyz
  • Skoda vRS : Fellow Member  Nikhil B
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