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Next gen Porsche 911 GT3 to use Speedster's 4.0 L NA engine
According to media reports, the next gen Porsche 911 GT3 is likely to get a heavily reworked version of the new limited edition 991 Speedster's Naturally-Aspirated 4.0-Litre Flat Six developing a whopping 503bhp at 8400 rpm.

Recently spied prototypes doing rounds at the Nürburgring confirmed the same with their melodious note of a high revving engine with the privation of a turbocharger.

In order to keep up with the emission norms, this Porsche has been fitted with two large petrol particulate filters, one of which is integrated into the exhaust tract exiting each side of the block. Even with such modifications to meet the emission standards, the system now weighs 10kg less thanks to thinner steel, nickel and soldering rather than welding.

Achieving this feat, even after increased exhaust back pressure is not an easy task. The fuel injection system now operates at 250-bar rather than 200 for improved acceleration. Each of the engine's six cylinders now gets a dedicated throttle body adding to the improved acceleration.

GT division's boss Andreas Preuninger said, "Our philosophy in GT cars is to stay naturally aspirated. We want to keep that engine for the future that's why we've made such a tremendous effort to get the engine right without taking emotion and performance away" emphasising on the FTD factor of GT cars.
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