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Dealer pasted sticker on the car. Now what?
Hey guys! as some of you would know, we purchased a Honda Jazz in April 2018. As it was quite a speedy purchase and in all the rush, we forgot to mention the dealer to not put their sticker on the car. So when the car was delivered and they were questioned about the sticker, they said that they would remove it during the 1st service. However, it wasn't removed. So now I have decided to remove it myself. i had previously asked this to a friend who advised to put hot water and remove it but since this was a plastic sticker, it had no effect.

I need advice on how to remove it. The sticker seems to be of high quality and doesn't obstruct the view too much but it doesn't gel well with the design of the car which is why I want to remove it

PS. I can't use the hairdryer method as the car is in an apartment complex with no plug points nearby. Thanks in advance for your suggestions

Here are a few hacks which I've used over the years to get rid of these type of stickers :
1.) Heat the surface of the sticker using a candle. Once you feel that the surface is changing its colour (i.e the surface is burnt/burning), stop heating and pull it off with your hands. There's no harm in heating the sticker till it comes off on its own Smile
2.) Using petrol, rub over the edges of the sticker and pull it off.

Let me know if you were successful in removing this sticker off!
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I too faced a similar problem when the ICE guy pasted his sticker on my Santro. Here are some tips which may help you:
1. Use the hairdryer/blow dryer to heat the sticker. This will make it soft and the glue will leave the glass surface easy.
2. Use the candle/cigarette lighter to burn the sticker, as suggested by Varun.
3. Try scratching off the sticker, but you need to be careful while doing to it. You can use a shaving blade or a cutter blade. If done carefully, it will be the fasted and the most efficient way to remover the sticker without damaging the glass.
4. To clean off the left over glue, try using the a concentrated detergent solution or WD40.

I hope it will help you to deal with it.
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