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Forum Rules
Fellow Superchargers,

I would first off like to start by thanking you for signing up. As I type this, our community strength is a meagre 15 odd members. But as they say, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. We have started off small with bigger goals in sight, but the journey to a goal is a lot more special than the goal itself! Or as we enthusiasts put in, the Journey is a lot more special than the destination.

Now that we have started off, let me put down a few conventions to be followed for the time-being, at least until we establish ourselves. These will be altered or edited based on several factors such as member count, overall quality of posts and the likes.

Here are some rules which are to be followed by the Fellow Superchargers for the time-being :

- The maximum number of smilies limited per post is 3.

- Usage of chat or SMS Lingo language is strictly prohibited! For example use "before" instead of "b4".

- Following are some set of conditions set for the user level warning :
  • Exceeding the smiley limit will lead to a user level warning of 2-points.
  • Poorly typed posts will command a user level warning of 3-points
  • Taking Jibes against fellow members or personal attacks will lead to a user level warning of 4-points.

-Once the user level warning reaches to 5-points, the user's posts will be scrutinised before going on the forum.

-Once the user level warning reaches to 10-points, the user will be banned for a period of one month.

-Always put up due credits for images taken from other sources

Hoping for your co-operation,
Team Supercharged

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