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Rules for posting in the forum : Supercars and Imports
Following are the rules to post on this forum with regards to clicking images. Disobeying any rule may evoke warnings or even result into a ban of the particular user. Please obey the rules and Thanks for co-operating. Happy Posting!
  • Registration number of any car in the pictures MUST NOT be revealed unless it has been revealed by media earlier. Please contact a support member in case of any difficulties. Partial blanking of the Registration plates is not allowed.
  • Personal Details of the owner MUST NOT be revealed without proper consent. The name may be revealed in accordance to the subject of the thread but no more.
  • It is advised to blur the faces of passer-bys and is mandatory for the driver/passenger unless already revealed by media earlier.
  • Revealing a public place/road where the car is usually seen is allowed, however revealing the private address of the owner is strictly prohibited.
  • Pictures taken from any other source than yourself must be credited with the same. 
  • We encourage you to obey traffic rules and not break the law just for a picture. Your life is much more precious
Thanks for obeying the rules! Happy Posting!

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