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1-Car, 10-Days, 6-Members and a Roadtrip down the South
Prologue :

I always had a desire to drive myself to all corners of the country. One fine morning, over our first cup of tea, I expressed my desire to my better half as she also enjoys travelling, particularly long drives. She immediately said YES. Then started exploring for a destination which we haven’t visited earlier and should be away from Hyderabad, since I had already explored the entire south India, it became a little tricky to find a place which I hadn’t visited earlier. After a lot of brain storming, even though I visited these places earlier, we decided to touch Dhanushkodi, Rameshwaram with our Sindbad. Then, a suggestion came from my younger son that, as our beast is a Six Seater and the fact having one more family with us will always be fun, called my Brother-in-law to accompany us who instantly agreed with a condition that en-route he wanted to visit Mysore and Ooty which we had already visited a couple of times. Now to fulfill my Bro's wishlist, we included Ooty and Mysuru to our wishlist and there started our Roadtrip down the South covering :
  • Bengaluru (Layover)
  • Mysuru
  • Ooty
  • Palani 
  • Kodaikanal
  • Madurai
  • Rameswaram and Dhanushkodi
  • Trichy
  • Thanjavur
  • Chidambaram
  • Arunachala
Planning :

Finalised travel plan for 9 Nights and 10 Days starting 21st April 2018 till 30th April 2018. Since it’s a long trip with Four Adults and Two Grownup Kids, it needs proper planning, hence booked my office guest rooms in Bangalore, Arvankadu (near ooty), Madurai and a Hotel in Kodaikanal well in advance; however accommodation at other places wasn't arranged yet and we thought we could stay as per our requirement.

Day 1 : 21st April 2018 (Saturday) 

Filled Sindbad to the brim and got the tyre pressures checked a day before, packed all our bags beforehand. Planned to start by 6:00 a.m accordingly. Woke up at 5:00 a.m as usual (our regular wakeup time), got ready and started at 6:12 a.m from our home in Trimulgherry, Secunderabad before morning traffic starts with a small break at 7 a.m at Shamshabad on NH44 had quick breakfast at Sri Udipi Restaurant and Tiffins, a small restaurant which serves very delicious food.   After a sumptuous breakfast, we were back on the busiest NH44 and the Sun god started his summer fury with temperature slowly raising, with an ambient temperature of 21-Degree Celsius inside, the beast cruising at 95KMPH (with cruise control on) all the six on board particularly myself at the wheel were really enjoying the smooth sail on hot Summer Saturday with the melodious songs of 80s on the 10-Speaker JBL System which sounded heavenly. By 10:00 a.m reached Sri Jogulamba Temple, Alampur which is 15 Kms off the NH 44 just before Kurnool, on the borders of Telangana State on the banks of river Tungabhadra. Once we opened the doors, got to sense the power of God Surya, it was really hot at 40-degree Celsius. Had the darshan of Goddess Jogulamba, who is also considered the 5th Shakti Peeta among 18 Shakti Peetams in the country. Here Goddess Jogulamba is seen seated on the Corpse with scorpion, frog, and lizard on the head. She is seen in a naked avatar with her tongue stretched outside, an avatar of fierce goddess that grants Siddhi in Yoga and hence called Jogulamba a must visit temple particularly if someone travelling on NH 44.  After darshan to beat the heat all of us had 2 glasses each of fresh sugarcane juice.
As per my younger son Varun’s instructions, all the six have to necessarily buckle our seat belts before Sailing back on the road. Slowly we were back on NH 44, again on cruise at 95KMPH by 01:30 p.m after crossing Ananthpur Town had to break for Lunch in the New Highway Dolphin Restaurant. After a break of an hour to my beast started back our sail this time the cruise at 100KMPH and not much navigation to do with very little traffic on the highway, our joy of smooth sail ended once we entered Benguluru city at Yelahanka around 4:30 p.m. By navigating through the harsh traffic of Benguluru (hats off to the people of Benguluru who commute everyday through this chaos) at one of the traffic jams found an Indian Oil Outlet, refilled Sindbad to the brim again. After refilling, started off and slowly reached our guest house at C.V.Raman Nagar, Phase-2 Kaggadasapura by 5:15 p.m for First Night Halt of our Journey. After refreshing ourselves with a cold water bath, a couple of drinks and delicious south Indian dinner at our Guest House went to bed by 9:30 p.m with alarm at 4:00 a.m.

Total distance covered on Day 1: Home-Alampur-CVRamannagar Benguluru : 617 Kms
Time-spent behind the wheel (including stopovers) : 11-hrs and 3-mins

Some pictures from Day-1 of the trip :

Sindbad all-set to take on the Tour-De-South!
Odo-Reading as we left our place in Hyd :
The not-so-crowded  toll-booth which we encountered en-route Jadcherla :
TheseThati-Munjalu were yum! They were sold alongside the Kurnool-Bengaluru highway :
A few pics of the upcoming Kia Motors Factory near Ananthapur :
And this never-ending chaotic traffic of Bengaluru :
Finally, we made it to our guest house :
As the sun set in, this was shot from my room's balcony :

Day 2 : 22nd April 2018 (Sunday) 

Woke up at 4:00 AM, everyone got ready by 5:00 AM, had our morning cup of tea and started our sail by 5:15AM as guided by google maps, crossed Benguluru city without much difficulty. At 7.30AM, had a break at Ramanagara for breakfast. All of us, after sumptuous breakfast, resumed our journey in the heavy Sunday traffic on Benguluru-Mysore highway and reached Srirangapatna by 9.20AM. Once we took a turn from highway towards temple in the town, we were surrounded by many guides on their bikes and we also thought of saving time and engaged a bike-borne guide who took us to the nearest point to the temple to park our Sindbad, helped in having darshan of Lord Sriranganatha swamy, took some pictures of our family. The guide was very useful in exploring the remains of Tipu Sultan's fort and has also detailed some of the nearby places and all these for a very reasonable amount of Rs.200/-.  

Resumed our sail towards Krishnasagara Dam and Brundavan Gardens (infact remains of the famous Brundavan Gardens) en-route we stopped after entering Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary seeing fresh tender coconuts, all of us had both coconut water as well sugarcane juice in that lush green atmosphere beneath a big banian tree. Resumed our journey and within no time, reached KRS DAM. But to our dismay, the entire dam was empty except little water here and there in the small potholes in the water storage area, so had a drive around and proceeded further and reached the Brundavan Gardens by Noon. As it was very hot, did not venture out and showed the KRS Dam and the Famous Gardens from the Parking lot itself and explained how beautiful Brundavan gardens was during the 90s.

Continued our journey towards Mysore city and reached Palace parking place by 12:30PM. After the Palace visit, had a baggi ride. By then, it was already 02:30pm, thought of having lunch at the famous RRR restaurant, but could not find table and there was a large queue ahead of us. Hence dropped our idea of having the lunch in the city and further proceeded towards chamundi hills. On the way at KC Layout, had lunch in a wayside restaurant which was below par and was heavy on pocket and reached the chamundi hills. Being Sunday, it was full of tourists and vehicles were not allowed to the temple parking, but after lot of requests and after flashing my Govt. ID Card, the security allowed us up to the temple parking. The temple just opened and on the advice of a fellow devotee who was a regular to the temple, purchased special entry tickets each costing Rs.100/-, had darshan of goddess chamundeswari quickly without wasting much time resumed our journey towards Ooty.

Just nearing Nanjanagudu, suddenly the climate changed. Sun shadowed with black clouds and Winds blowing heavily and within no time, heavy downpour started and we slowly and steadily, crossed Nanjanagudu, Begur,Gudlupeta and before entering Bandipur Forest reserve stopped for a break at Mel Kamanahalli at 5:20 PM had freshly brewed tea for the adults and some fruit drinks and packed snacks for kids spent 25 minutes enjoying the cloudy climate. Resumed our journey slowly and entered the Bandipur Forest Reserve and enjoyed the stretch watching elephants, deer’s, monkeys, peacocks, wild buffaloes etc. Unfortunately, Varun didn't charge the DSLR for the day and couldn't click any of those pictures as the DSLR was dead near Mysore. Due to the sudden change in climate the surroundings started darkening earlier than anticipated and the road ahead became dark. Once after entering the Tamilnadu state, we took the shorter route towards Masinagudi and reached Ooty Upper Bazar by 7:30 PM had a small stop, got packed a few Non-Vegetarian Starters and reached our Guest House inside the premises of Cordite Factory, Aravankadu by 8:25 PM, freshened ourselves, had a drink with my Bro, children and ladies enjoyed the starters we brought.  After having Dinner at the nearby Officers Mess, we went to sleep by 10:30 PM.

Total distance covered on Day 2 :  Benguluru-Srirangapatna-Mysore-Chamundi Hills-Aravankadu: 340 Kms 
Time spent behind the Wheel (including stopovers, sightseeing and the likes): 9-hrs and 44-mins

Pics from Day-2 :

En-Route Mysuru on the Bengaluru-Mysuru highway. The cruise was smooth till Ramanagara post which we encountered heavy traffic.
The traffic which slowed us down before entering Ramanagara.
This is where we stopped for our Breakfast in Ramanagara. Serves delicious and sumptuous breakfast and worth every penny.
Kiddo is very excited about this Roadtrip  Smile
The traffic jam continued even after crossing the Silk City of India, Ramanagara
This hoarding kept me excited all the way till Ooty!
The entrance to the town of Srirangapatna.
Places of Interest inside Srirangapatna.
Driving through the town of Srirangapatna.
The famous Ranganathaswamy temple.
Finally made to Mysore :
A few pics of the Mysore Palace :
Weather gods showering mercy on us Tongue
Day 3 : 23rd April 2018 (Monday)

After a good night's sleep, woke up as usual by 5:00 AM after a walk in the chilly morning in Nilgiris, had the previlage of watching a local football practice match, made everyone to wakeup and get ready, had breakfast in the Officers Mess and started off by 9:00 AM to explore the Nilgiris. As planned first we wanted to drive up to the Doddapeta Peak and followed our google for directions and to our shock, google ended up taking us in a wrong path to another high peak. Fortunately, met another traveller from Goa who was staying in a resort nearby was also driving to Doddapeta Peak. We took a U turn and simply followed him and without any difficulty reached Doddapeta Peak which was very crowded and with little difficulty could find a place for my Sindbad to park. There was not much to see, except the drive up there, then went down to Pykara falls, had lunch and drove to Ooty, visited the famous Botonical Gardens and skipped the Ooty Lake and while returning to Aravankadu, filled Sindbad to the full again and by 6:30PM reached our Guest rooms at Aravankadu. Then, later met a old friend and colleague of mine, spent some time revisiting our old memories. Had dinner and went off to bed.

Total distance covered on Day 3 : Aravankadu-Doddapeta Peak-Pyakara Falls-Botanical Gardens- Aravankadu : 81-Kms.
Time spent behind the Wheel : 4hr 54mins.

Day 4 : 24th April 2018 (Tuesday)

As planned, woke up as usual by 5:00 AM and after a last walk in the chilly morning in Nilgiris, got ready, packed up, had breakfast in the Officers Mess, said Bye to everyone in Aravankadu and started off by 8:30 AM towards Palani. On the way, down hill from Aravankadu, had a drive around the Wellington Army Cantonment and drove down with the windows open, enjoying the beauty of the Nilgiris. En-route, we had fresh and delicious Jackfruits and by 12PM we reached the temple town of PALANI, just before entering the Palani Panchayat checkpost, one person by seeing the other state registration came running towards our vehicle and I stopped my Sindbad, he then came and showed his Temple ID Card and told us that since it was a holiday season, the temple was attracting heavy rush due to which 2 hours waiting was there for both Tram and Cable car to reach the Hill Top where the temple is located and had offered a premium deal which included Two-Way Tram and Lord Murugan Darshan without any wait and also with an assurance that everything would be done in an Hour’s Time. After a little deliberation among us and the fact that we couldn't afford to spend so much time because we had to reach KODAIKANAL by evening, we decided to go with his offer and he had taken us just next to the TRAM station, got our Sindbad Parked in the Shade, he got the tickets for the TRAM, took up the hill to Temple and we had a beautiful darshan of Lord Murugan and returned back by TRAM downhill, paid the amount as agreed. This is the state of affairs in our country.  Got into Sindbad, drove around the small town and stopped by a vegetarian restaurant for Lunch. We had a very homely traditional tamilian lunch on fresh plantain leave was very delicious. Around 3 PM, started our journey towards KODAIKANAL through the small but beautiful roads of Tamilnadu and once after entering Western Ghats, I and my Sindbad started enjoying the curvy narrow roads uphill’s to the fullest. The Joy I had taking my Sindbad on the Western Ghats cannot be described in words. By 4.30 PM we were in Kodaikanal Town, checked into our Hotel Treebo Abirami Residency, which was pre-booked on treebo. The rooms were very clean and tidy, linen was good, and the service personnel were very cordial and helpful. Got refreshed and walked down to the Kodaikanal Lake for boating. To our dismay, the boating was closed hence ventured into a nearby gaming park. We spent over 2 hours with our kids in various games and returned to the hotel. Had our customary drink with a reasonably good dinner in the attached restaurant and went to bed.

Total distance covered on Day-4 : Aravankadu-Palani-Kodaikanal : 241 Kms 
Time spent behind the Wheel : 6hrs

Some pics for viewing pleasure :































Day-5 : 25th April 2018 (Wednesday)

Got up leisurely, had our morning tea, spent some time watching TV. After getting ready, had the complimentary buffet breakfast to the full which was really delicious.  Kodaikanal was brimming with heavy tourist inflow and with its narrow roads, parking was an issue. Hence we thought that we should give Sindbad a day’s holiday and hired an Innova for the local visits.  By 9.30AM the Innova arrived and all of us started for the local sightseeing. First we visited the Coaker’s Walk in Bryant Park, Saleth Matha Church, Pine Tree Forest, Guna Caves where we had horse riding for the kids. Then, afterwards visited the Moir Point which is also known as suicide point  and while proceeding to Kurinji Andavar Temple heavy down pour started on reaching the temple we waited for a while to stop the rain but it was just pouring hence we took some umbrellas from the nearby shop and had the darshan of the goddess and cutting short our sightseeing returned back to the hotel and left the vehicle. Post lunch and after little rest, went to the down town Kodaikanal Lake, did a bit of boating and returned back to the hotel. I and Bro had our customary drink followed by dinner and called it a day.

Total distance covered on Day 5 : 

Kodaikanal local sightseeing : 40 Kms 
Time spent behind the Wheel : Nil.

Some pics for viewing pleasure :
















Day 6 : 26th April 2018 (Thursday)

Got up leisurely after getting ready, had the complimentary buffet breakfast to the full which was really delicious, packed up the bags checked out of the Hotel. After a 36-Hour rest, woke Sindbad up and started our journey towards Madurai by 9.30AM. On the way we had brief stop and visited the Sacred Heart Museum which we were unable to visit the previous day. After the stop, resumed the journey at 10.30 and reached the Temple Town by Noon, checked into our Central Government Holiday Home. Freshened up since we have not booked the Lunch in advance we have again take my Sindbad to the nearby Saravana Bhavan for Lunch and to our fortune, the lunch we were served was really delicious and pocket friendly too. From there we directly drove down to the MG Museum where we spent a good one-hour. After that, we planned to go down to the temple. Since the temple opens only in the evening, we were just thinking how to pass the next 2 hours. Immediately, my son Varun, was very dissappointed with how Sindbad got dirty. He wanted to give him a quick shower and freshen him. So, we decided to go with Varun’s decision and immediately searched for a nearby car wash on Google and found Express Car Wash. Called them up and after requesting a lot they agreed to give my Sindbad swift shower out of turn without waiting in the Queue.  We rushed to Express Car Wash, since two other cars were already getting washed we had to wait till they were done and after that my Sindbad got a very good shower.  Thanking Express Car Wash, left at around 5.30 PM to visit Goddess Meenakshamman Temple where we found it very difficult to park our Sindbad and after 2-3 rounds around the temple ultimately found a private car parking and left our Sindbad there with the keys (Varun was paranoid about this, but we didn't have any choice). Hired a guide, purchased special entry tickets, had the Darshan of the Goddess and explored the temple which was being fully decorated for next day celebrations, filled with police personnel. Came out of the temple earlier than expected since we were tired. While returning had delicious South-Indian tiffin, Rava Dosa in Saravana Bhavan, refilled Sindbad to the full again and returned to our Holiday Home and called it a day.

Total distance covered on Day 6 : Kodaikanal – Dindigul – Madurai Local Sightseeing : 135 Kms
Time spent behind the Wheel : 4hrs

Some pics for viewing pleasure :

A few pics from the Museum visit at Kodai :
Saying good-bye to these lovely twisties and I surely missed our lovely Linea on these roads :
Sindbad getting a much deserved wash after playing in the slush on the hill stations :
Day 7 : 27th April 2018 (Friday)

As planned, woke up as usual by 6AM, had hour morning cup of tea, got ready, packed the bags and started by 7.15AM towards our final destination Dhanushkodi-Rameshwaram. Around 9AM, after covering a distance of 120KMs, stopped at Oottapalam for breakfast and coffee in a roadside tiffin centre which was awesome and resumed our journey and reached the Famous Pamban Bridge by 11AM. Stopped for 10-minutes on the bridge, took some pics and we started off towards Rameswaram due to Traffic-jam on the bridge and the Police personnel were not allowing for stopovers hence we had to move on. Reached Rameshwaram, which is now called as Ramanathapuram at 11.30AM, parked our Sindbad in a parking lot in the scorching sun. The climate was really hot, took an auto rickshaw and went to the temple, had darshan and again took an auto rickshaw to reach the parking lot.

Resumed our journey towards Dhanushkodi on the newly laid National Highway in the scorching sun surrounded by the Sea on both sides of the Road it was an wonderful experience, after reaching Dhanushkodi Beach the Road was closed for general public towards the tip of Dhanushkodi, hence we spent around 30 minutes enjoying the hot sun and the cool breeze coming from the sea. Then, we started our return Journey. On the way back, visited Vibhishana Theertham which is also surrounded by Blue Sea on the Three Sides which was so beautiful to watch. The heat was getting over and we had Fresh Coconut water to keep ourselves hydrated. With Fond memories, left Rameshwaram at around 2PM and after an hour drive, had a break at Kottaimedu on the Kanyakumari and Rameshwaram ECR Main Road Junction for Lunch. We had the most delicious Lunch of the trip at Sai Ariya Bhavan Restaurant in the traditional tamilian style on fresh banana Leave which was really mouth watering. Around 3.45PM we resumed our journey but due to hot climate outside and after having a heavy meal and the road towards Tiruchirappalli was so bad and the fact that except me everyone was sleeping,  I was feeling tired and sleepy hence requested my Bro to take control of Sindbad and shifted myself to the rear seat and had a brief nap. At around 5.30PM, we had a 20 minutes break at Ennapatti and we got refreshed in a newly constructed roadside restaurant, had tea and snacks and resumed our journey and reached Srirangam by 8.20PM. Checked into the pre-booked Hotel BSSK Confomt Inn (please never stay in this hotel it’s a death trap in case of any mishap.) which is just opposite to the Temple Main Gate. Freshened ourselves and rushed to the temple since it was closing time, luckily we had nice darshan of Lord Rangantha Swamy. After Darshan went to the nearby Iyengar hotel which was on the verge of closing. After everyone had Dosa's, returned to the Hotel Room very tired, went to sleep at 11PM. (Night stay was a nightmare in BSSK comfort Inn, suddenly the AC stopped working in the middle of the night. No one was around and there was no provision for any ventilation as no windows were provided and in the morning in our other room, the electrical wires to the Geyser were shot. Probably one of the worst Hotel experience ever.)

Total distance covered on Day 7: Madurai– Rameshwaram – Dhanushkodi-Srirangam (Tiruchirappalli) : 455 Kms  
Time spent behind the Wheel : 9hrs 34 Mins.

Stopped for a while to enjoy the cold breeze at the coast before approaching Rameswaram :
The lovely beach coast right across the road was calling us but we had no time to spare :
Entering Rameswaram :
The ever-famous Pamban Bridge. Was a treat to watch this in reality :
The coast of Rameswaram : 
Sindbad made it to the Pamban Bridge :
We met a couple of bikers who were on their Pan-India roadtrip with a mission in mind to save the one-horned rhinos of India :
The lovely sea coast of Rameswaram :
Mandatory pic of the big boy at the coast :
Day 8 : 28th April 2018 (Saturday)

As planned, we woke by 6.30AM, got ready, checked out and resumed our Journey by 8AM. In the city, we refilled our Sindbad to the full and took the road towards Thanjavur. Around 9AM, we had a brief stop at Kailash Nagar, Kattur and had our breakfast in a Roadside Restaurant which was reasonably good and pocket friendly. After our breakfast, resumed our journey and reached the famous Brihadeshwara Temple in Thanjavur by 10AM. With the sun god at his best, the climate was really hot, parking-lot was full of tourist buses and the temple queue was full of school children from various schools who were on their respective summer excursions. It was a tough time spending in the temple; all thanks to the crowd. Nevertheless, its worth visiting the ancient temple which is an architectural marvel and a declared heritage site. Spent more than an hour, took our Sindbad out and reached the Maratha Palace, Rajakrishnapuram, Thanjavur. Visited the palace museum and watched the documentary film which was about the history of the Thanjavur city and its Rulers. Had some snacks and ice creams, said a goodbye to Thanjavur and resumed our journey towards Kumbhakonam around 1PM, skipping our lunch.

En-route Kumbakonam, we wanted to pay a visit to Swamimalai Sri Lord Murugan. Since the temple would be open only at 4PM, we drove to Gurunathapuram and visited the ancient shiva temple. The main temple was closed but we managed to spend around 45 minutes in the temple. Post that, we drove back to Swamimalai which was just 8 Kms from Gurunathapuram and waited for the temple to open. Meanwhile, we all had some good coffee while the kids had Sugarcane juice. Immediately upon opening of the temple, had the darshan of Lord Murugan and resumed our journey. Reached Kumbhakonam by 5.15PM, where we had visited 3 temples. Since the kids were feeling tired due to  the harsh summer, we skipped another two temples and started or sail towards Chidambaram where we had planned our night stay. Through the Narrow and curvy roads coupled with heavy evening traffic, the journey was very slow and by the time we reached the Chidambaram Town, it was already 8.15PM and the fact that we didnot book any accommodation for our night stay though we had zeroed on some hotels. To our misfortune, all the good hotels were full and only non-ac accommodation was available. After searching for more than an hour, we could get accommodation in R.K. Towers where we got 2 AC Rooms. We checked in at 10PM. Since we had skipped our lunch, everyone were hungry. So, immediately we rushed to the nearby restaurant and had south Indian tiffins, returned back and went to bed.

Total distance covered on Day-8 :  Srirangam – Thanjavur – Swamimalai – Kumbakonam -Chidambaram : 186 Kms
Time spent behind the Wheel : 7hrs 24 Mins.

The entrance of Brihadeshwara Temple :
The actual temple :
The layout of the Maratha Palace :
The Palace museum :
A glimpse of the palace itself : 
Temple at Gurunathapuram :
Near the temple in Swamimalai :
Day 9 : 29th April 2018 (Sunday)

As planned, got up by 6AM, got ready and went to the temple by walk (the hotel in which we had stayed over was close-by). Had darshan of Lord Shiva in Nataraj Avatar, explored the temple which is an architectural marvel and after stepping out of the temple had our breakfast in small but very hygienic and homely restaurant where we were served the coffee in traditional brass tumblers. Post breakfast, returned back to the hotel, packed the bags, left R.K. Towers at 9.45AM towards Tiruvannamalai (which is also known as Arunachalam). After a non-stop drive of 210 kms, which took nearly 2Hrs 45 Minutes, reached the town of Tiruvannamalai. To our surprise, the entry to the town was closed with barricades and plenty of policemen were on duty. When enquired, it was revealed that it was a very auspicious day on which lakhs of piligrims from all the southern states throng the town and taken Giripradakshina. So we parked our Sindbad on the outskirts in a makeshift parking area, hired a shared auto rickshaw and reached the temple. However, we could not go into the temple, since the waiting time was more than 12 hours. Hence, just had a glimpse of the temple from outside and returned back to the parking lot by again engaging a local auto rickshaw.

All of us felt very sad that after coming all the way we could visit the temple inside. We resumed the journey with great difficulty. We couldn't get out of the Tiruvannamali town as Google was confused with the roads as most of the roads towards the exit were closed. After roaming for a good 50-mins around the outskirts of the town, we finally fount the exit which would connect to the Bengaluru highway. We then joined the road to Benguluru. On the way, we stopped at 2.30PM and had our lunch in Nila Restaurant. After Lunch as everyone was sleeping, drove non-stop and reached our guest house in DRDO Township, Kaggadasapura Benguluru by 6.30PM.
Immediately got refreshed and went to meet some of our old friends in the township and returned back to Guest House by 8.00PM and called it a day.

Total distance covered on Day 9 : Chidambaram – Tiruvannamali – DRDO Township Kaggadasapura Benguluru : 368 Kms 
Time spent behind the Wheel : 7Hrs 37Mins.

Day 10 : 30th April 2018 (Monday)

Actually, we had planned to leave Benguluru by 7 AM to beat the morning rush, however due to the insistence of the family to have breakfast at the guest house itself, our departure was delayed. We had our breakfast and started off from Kaggadasapura, Benguluru at 8.41 AM but were badly got struck in the Monday morning traffic. However, with the help of Google, we were out of the traffic and once on to the highway, we breathe a great sigh of relief, but in the melee forgot to refill my Sindbad and the Distance-to-empty display was flashing "REFILL" and to our misfortune could not find a proper filling station on our side of the highway.  On reaching Chikkaballapura instead of taking the by-pass, we entered the road leading to the town where we filled the Sindbad to the full in the Essar Petrol Station, thereafter we just sailed-on with Sindbad without any stops (except at Tolls) till we entered the state of Telangana. We reached Pebbair in Telangana at 01.45PM and had our lunch at Udipi Anand Bhavan (is a pure veg. Resto). Had our lunch and resumed our sail by 2.30PM. Being a hot afternoon Monday, there was not much traffic on the highway, we could reach our home back in Secunderabad by 5.15PM with fond memories.

Total distance covered on Day 10 : DRDO Township Kaggadasapura Benguluru – DRDO Township Kaggadasapura Benguluru : 592 Kms  
Time spent behind the Wheel : 7Hrs 04Mins.

Final Trip Stats :

Total Number of days : 10-days
Total Distance sailed : 3177-Kms
Total Time spent behind the wheel : 57-Hours and 26-Minutes

The tripmeter reading at the end of the roadtrip (ignore the blurred-out pic) :
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Reading this made me recollect our roadtrip down the South. Was surely a fun roadtrip. Where shall we head this time? Big Grin
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